Red Mage Guide

This guide is ideal for level 70 red mages who are starting to get into raids and are looking to improve their damage output. The guide focuses on improving single target spell usage in a raid environment. Gear, raid food and dungeons are not covered. This guide is undergoing an overhaul, so stay tuned. A more detailed guide can be found here Disclaimer The calculations in this guide are ballpark estimates. Certain assumptions might be made or certain factors might deliberately not be taken into account to simplify the calculations. I do my best to state those assumptions or excluded factor. If you feel that an assumption or an excluded factor is causing a significant skew in the numbers feel free to leave a comment with a correction. Numbers regarding the % of the total damage a certain spell constitutes are based on a manual aggregation of small number of the publicly available Red Mage parses such as this one.  Rotation Spells You are probably already familiar w